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Summer Food Program

Did you know there are free activities and meals available in your community for your kids and teens this summer?
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Karaffa STAR Student of the Quarter

This special award will be awarded each nine weeks to a student who displays the following qualities while attending Karaffa Elementary School:
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Kids at Karaffa Start A Kid Led Book Club!

This amazing kid led book club was created by Emily Mousourakis and Katie Vujanovich. There are fourteen members in the club. Mrs. Brown sponsors the club that meets on Wednesdays at recess.
This is a picture of a student working with LEGOs.

Discovering STEM with Robots in Fifth Grade Gifted

Our 5th Grade gifted program is using Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotic kits to design and build programmable robots using high quality motors, sensors, gears, wheels, and axles.
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First Things First: Red Knight Pride

The first grade students at Karaffa Elementary School showed their Red Knight pride by making football and cheerleader headbands to wear to the homecoming pep rally.
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Community Preschool Connections

Karaffa Elementary Preschool classes recently participated in the Ohio Department of Transportations project “Paint a Plow.” This is preschools 3rd year in working with ODOT on this project.
This is a picture of Maslow's Learning Triangle

Mentally Prepared—Academically Successful

At KES we have invested hours of networking to refine our relationship with three mental health com-panies. We have secured a relationship with the Village Network who will be here every day except Wednesdays serving all students. There is both a male and female counselor that is ready to help your child become mentally prepared. Our second connection is with the Coleman Center. They are current-ly here every Wednesday. They also offer an alternative school if your child is not experiencing success at KES.
Success For All Foundation

Success For All Foundation

Success for All makes reading the cornerstone of the curriculum.
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