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Welcome Toronto Students & Parents

This is a group picture of the star students.

Karaffa STAR Student of the Quarter

This special award will be awarded each nine weeks to a student who displays the following qualities while attending Karaffa Elementary School:
This is a picture of a snow plow truck.

Community Preschool Connections

Karaffa Elementary Preschool classes recently participated in the Ohio Department of Transportations project “Paint a Plow.” This is preschools 3rd year in working with ODOT on this project.
This is a picture of preschool students holding pumpkins.

Preschool Fall Festival & STEM

Preschool has also worked to increase STEM activities in each classroom. Through planned play-doh and lego activities, students are gaining higher level thinking skills and increasing their creative problem solving skills!
This is a picture of young students working together at a table.


The Kindergarten classes just finished an unit titled, “From Head to Toe.” They learned all about their bodies and the five senses.
This is a picture of students with shovels at the ground breaking site.

1st Grade News

We were so excited to extend a warm welcome to our new group of 1st grade students!
This is a picture of a second grade teacher with her students.

More than Balancing Apples is Second Grade

Our second graders have been incorporating some fun STEM activities into their classroom each month. In September we learned about Sir Isaac Newton and Gravity
This is a picture of a students enjoying a snack after learning about different cultures.

Third Grade Learning and Creating

In math the third grade students have been learning to solve multiplication problems by using their knowledge of drawing groups, making arrays and using repeated addition.
This is a picture of a student created "bug apartment" made out of recycled materials.

Fourth Graders Design Apartments

This has been an exciting beginning to 4th Grade. In Science, students have frequently participated in STEM related activities. Students have become acquainted with the steps and uses of the Scientific Method during many lab experiences and engineering builds.
This is a picture of 5th grade students building towers in class out of paper.

Fifth Grade Scientist

Our school year is off to an amazing start by incorporating STEM into our class! My science classes spent the day as engineers! They had to construct a the tallest and most sturdiest building that could withstand fierce winds!!
This is a picture of a student working with LEGOs.

Discovering STEM with Robots in Fifth Grade Gifted

Our 5th Grade gifted program is using Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotic kits to design and build programmable robots using high quality motors, sensors, gears, wheels, and axles.
Success For All Foundation

Success For All Foundation

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