Fourth Graders Design Apartments

This has been an exciting beginning to 4th Grade. In Science, students have frequently participated in STEM related activities. Students have become acquainted with the steps and uses of the Scientific Method during many lab experiences and engineering builds. Recently, the Scientific Method was applied during the exploration of different habitats. The students were challenged with creating a “bug apartment” using recycled items. The purpose was to create a habitat (observable bug box) for a cricket. After some detailed research, the cricket apartments were built! They then had to observe the cricket for 10 to 20 minutes. Next, the teams examined their data and reflected at the end of the task to determine if they were successful. They answered such questions like, were there any problems with their structures? What they would need to do to improve on their designs? And, had the insect(s) enjoyed their structure? Further activities included making insect apartment adver- tisements to lure resident crickets and researching and writ- ing a bug letter to their teacher. The 4th graders are looking forward to many more fun and engaging learning challenges this year!
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