The Kindergarten classes just finished an unit titled, “From Head to Toe.” They learned all about their bodies and the five senses. The students used a real stethoscope to listen to their hearts, learned about how their stomachs break down food, and examined real x-rays of their bones. One experiment that all the students loved was using their sense of taste and their sense of smell.
The students used their sense of smell to determine whether the mystery smell in the container had a good odor or a bad odor. The students would then record their findings on a data sheet. They then had to guess what the mystery object was and record it. The students had a great time smelling the different odors.
The other part of the experiment was a taste test. The students tasted different foods and had to determine if it had a salty, sweet, sour, or bitter taste. The students sampled pretzels, lollipops, lemon juice, and dark chocolate. The looks on their faces were priceless. The students used a data sheet for this also. As a culminating activity, the students wrote in their journals which smell and taste were their favorites.
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