More than Balancing Apples is Second Grade

Our second graders have been incorporating some fun STEM activities into their classroom each month. In September we learned about Sir Isaac Newton and Gravity. We read the Dr. Seuss book “Ten Apples up on Top”. We predicted how many apples we thought we could stack. The students were then given skewers, toothpicks, string, glue, and apples to build a tall structure with. Some groups did great and some could not get more than 2 apples stacked. For October we did a candy corn and candy pumpkin STEM activity. This was another cooperative construction building activity that the children did in a group. The students were given toothpicks, candy corn, and candy pumpkins. They could choose to build a tower or a 3D pumpkin. The pictures show some of the final projects. The kids had a blast trying to complete these challenges.
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