High School Curriculum

Students attending Toronto Junior-Senior High School have their choice of three course pathways for completing their high school curriculum: Honors, College Readiness, and Career Readiness. Each pathway identifies the recommended classes for each year of high school for each content area and provides a variety of options for students to fulfill their graduation requirements. The Honors Pathways is recommended for students who plan to enroll in a four-year university immediately following high graduation. This course pathway requires students to take the most challenging coursework available at Toronto Junior-Senior High School and if all coursework is successfully completed it will fulfill the requirements for the student to receive an Honors diploma as determined by the Ohio Department of Education. The College Readiness pathway is recommended for a student who plans to enroll in a college or trade school following graduation. Students taking this course pathway will participate in a well-rounded college preparatory curriculum which includes studies in all of the core content areas as well as fine arts and foreign language. The Career-Readiness pathway is designed for students planning to enter the workforce following graduation. Students in this course pathway will meet all of the requirements for a high school diploma. Early college is available for high school students. The ACT and GPA will be used to determine a student’s eligibility to enroll in college coursework. Eligibility requirements are as follows: (A) a score of 22 or higher on the ACT Math sub-test, (B) a score of 19 or higher on the ACT English subtest, (C) a minimum 3.0 GPA in previous high school English
or Math classes.

Junior High School Curriculum

Students attending Toronto Junior-Senior High School are offered a curriculum which is aligned to the new Ohio learning standards. Junior high students receive instruction in reading, English, math, science, and social studies. In addition, students take related arts classes including physical education, art, music, computers, and home economics. Advanced high school-level math courses are offered to junior high students who meet the eligibility criteria. Junior high students have the opportunity to participate in choir, band, or core during the school day. Core is a daily intervention period where students receive additional help with homework and other class projects.
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